How to Fix Your Gel Manicure: Follow This Advice!

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Gel polish may last longer than regular formulas, but—oops!— sometimes even the strongest manicure can chip. The fix isn’t as hard as you think, thanks to the easy to follow tips from our January issue!

IF YOU DID IT YOURSELF: First smooth the chipped area by gently buffing the nail’s surface. According to manicurist Jin Soon Choi, if you used an at-home kit spot apply two coats of color on top of the chip, curing each one as directed. Apply topcoat and cure it again for a quick remedy!

IF YOU WENT TO A SALON: If you got your mani done in a salon, find a close shade in a regular polish, touch up the area, and then apply a high gloss topcoat. “CND and OPI have regular and gel polish with the same names, so it’s easy to match those…

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